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The Postmodern Catholic

Homeworks and Outline: Sacred Paths

College Recommendations Guidelines
Sacred Paths
Homeworks and Outline: Sacred Paths
Reading Guide Questions Taoism 211-218
Reading Guide Questions Taoism
Homeworks: and Outline: Introduction to Catholicism
Unit IV Moses Reluctant Hero
Unit III God's Imperfect Instruments
Unit III God's Chosen Ones
The Mass, Vestements, and Sacred Vessels
Unit III The Sacraments
Iona Prep Interfaith Society
Islam Notes

Religion IV Exam Review Sheet

Students Exempt From Rel IV Final

Religion IV Exam Review

Judaism Essay Test

First Quarter Assignments

Class Assignment 12/6-12/9

Reading Guide Questions Taoism

Reading Guide Taoism 211-218

Third Quarter Assignments

Reading Guide Questions

1. Test on Hinduism...Wed, November 16th...DAY 5... (100 points) PENCILS!

2. Quiz on pp. 82-99...Wed, 11/30...DAY 4 (20 points)

3. Test on Buddhism...Wednesday, 12/14, DAY 5 (100 points) PENCILS!

4. Test on Siddhartha...Monday, January 10th...DAY 8...(50 points)





Journals: ***Students are to bring laptops on Fridays, unless otherwise noted here.  If a class does not meet on a Friday, students are still responsible for completing all journal entries.  Journals are to be typed in MS Word.  Dated entries are to be separated on each page.  A separate file should be created for all of the following entries.  Do not create one file for each entry. (25 points)


11/3 and 11/4... "Karma, sin, and your path towards God"

11/19... "Fear and its effects"

12/3... "Reflect on meditation experience"

12/10... "Anger and its effects"

12/17... "The one thing that prevents me from always having faith is..."


Journal Disks (IBM formatted) will be collected on Thurs. January 5th, DAY 5.



Assignments:  ***All work that is handed in for a grade will be checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.


1. Reading Guide Questions for Hinduism chapter pp. 63-76 due Tuesday 11/8 Day 8 for Periods A, G, and C.  Period B due Monday, 11/7 Day 1


2. Click on the link below, "Nicene Creed and ..."  Answer the questions that proceed the article.  Due Tuesday, 11/15, DAY 4.


3.  Read pp. 82-99 of The World's Religions by 11/29 ...Quiz on Wednesday 11/30, Day 4.  Be sure to click on the Reading Guide link above to assist you.


4.  Go to the below link, "the Dalai Lama," and describe the beliefs regarding the leader of Tibetan Buddhism.  Be sure to identify...

  • Why is Buddhism and Tibet now more popular in America?
  • What sort of difficulties does the Dalai Lama experience?
  • What does he think about Jesus?

TYPED.  Due Thursday, 12/1..DAY 5.

5. Click on "Buddha's Land" link below.  Answer the questions that follow.  TYPED.  Due Tuesday, 12/13...DAY 4.

6. Read Herman Hesse's Siddhartha.  In-class, open-book essay, Thursday, 1/5, Day 5 (50 points).




Unit I Notes: Religious Traditions

Unit II: Christian Mysticism

Unit III Notes Hinduism

Unit IV Buddhism

Unit V Taoism

Midterm Review Sacred Paths

Unit VI Judaism

Unit VII Islam

Religious Experience

Introduction to Christian Mysticism

Christian Mysticism: Clarification of terms

Lectio Divina

Basic Questions and Answers East-West Dialogue

Nicene Creed and the Nine Points of Hindu Belief

The Dalai Lama

The Buddha Land

Medical Benefits Acupuncture

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D. “The more I am able to affirm others, to say ‘yes” to them in myself, by discovering them in myself and myself in them, the more real I am. I am fully real if my own heart says yes to everyone” Thomas Merton