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The Postmodern Catholic

College Recommendations Guidelines
Sacred Paths
Homeworks and Outline: Sacred Paths
Reading Guide Questions Taoism 211-218
Reading Guide Questions Taoism
Homeworks: and Outline: Introduction to Catholicism
Unit IV Moses Reluctant Hero
Unit III God's Imperfect Instruments
Unit III God's Chosen Ones
The Mass, Vestements, and Sacred Vessels
Unit III The Sacraments
Iona Prep Interfaith Society
Islam Notes

Welcome to Mr Mark King's webpage for those students taking Religion IV: Sacred Paths: East and West, Religion I: Introduction to Catholicism, as well as anyone else interested in the Iona Prep Interfaith Society.
This site is set up for students in the above classes, parents, and anyone else who is just stopping by.  Here one will find notes, test dates, homework assignments, project details, links, and other information that is pertinent to the study of human development and the world's major religious traditions. 


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D. “The more I am able to affirm others, to say ‘yes” to them in myself, by discovering them in myself and myself in them, the more real I am. I am fully real if my own heart says yes to everyone” Thomas Merton